Day 5 (16 August 2013)


Wow! Today’s lesson was really challenging. I have no idea how to go about finding the angles. I just can’t seem to visualize. Hence, I was not able to recall which angle is equivalent to the other. Ha! No doubt, I was in such struggling stage. It was only later when my classmates pointed out the angles that were similar then I was able to proceed to the next level of solving the problem. With that help given, I tried to work out the problem in several ways but I was still not able to find the angle. Honestly, I was only able to ‘see’ the problem when I went through the steps that were given by my classmate. I went through each line of the equation and figure out the way why they did it that way. Having understand each line of equation, I finally got the understanding on how to derive to the answer.

Strangely, the algebra way of solving the problem helped me to visualize better. I was able to solve the question instantly by using the algebra method.   


Okay, so I found out that if children (or even myself) find it hard to solve difficult problem like the one above, it is because they lacked the following:

1. Visualization (Develop the ability to visualize beyond what the eyes could see.)

2. Generalization


4.Number Sense

5. Communication (Able to present ideas on paper)


So how do you develop visualization ability?

Jerome Bruner says that:

 ‘the more young children move around, the better they are at visualization.’

‘the more concrete experiences you have in the early years, the more you would be able to visualize. Never compromise concrete materials in early Math.’

Although I cannot conclude how true the above statements are but I am sure that I was never an active child during my early years. Math was also not a subject that I could do well in. Jerome Bruner also talked about learning using the CPA approach. I certainly do not remember that my learning of Mathematics was through this approach. Learning Mathematics was always a stressful thing for me since young. From Dr.Yeap class, I got to understand how important AND IMPACTFUL early years Mathematics could have been. Having been through the ‘incorrect teaching or learning’ of Mathematics, I am determined to help children learn Mathematics the right way and that is none other than ‘Dr. Yeap approaches’.   


Art and Math

art piece 1

art piece 2

Yes, now I see how I could use an art piece to come up with Mathematics lessons. It had never occur to me that I could use art pieces to write a Math problem. This is definitely something new and I am very interested to explore more about incorporating Art into Mathematics. Mathematics is all around us and yes, we could incorporate the learning of Mathematics into any subject or even through our daily routine care.

Things you probably never know about


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