Day 3 (14 August 2013)

Concept : Fraction

How many 1/8’s in 3/4? (Try solving this problem using the CPA approach)  

fold paper to 4 equal parts  shade 3/4


Oh wait! I have a question. How do you know it’s 1/8?

– I can make eight equal pieces on the paper.

– Cut one of the pieces and start comparing. If it overlap, then the pieces are equal.


comparing the pieces

When children are ready, then move them on to the abstract form of learning:    


‘It is important that we make sure children go through the journey (concrete and pictorial) to get to the destination. The journey that the children go through (process) is more important than the final destination (product).’ – Dr.Yeap  

Today Dr. Yeap shared about linking Mathematics to other activities, apart from fiction books. Expose children to: Non-fiction books, Fine arts, Fiction books, Movies and Field Trips.   It was really helpful when Dr. Yeap modelled to the class on how he could link movie to the in-class Mathematics lesson. In one of our lesson today, Dr. Yeap played a short clip of ‘Despicable Me 2’ and came out with a problem for us to solve. Personally, I thought that was a really clever idea. Not only did he manage to expose his students to the different activities to learn Math, it also catches our attention. Through this activity, I realized that when a teacher vary the sources used in class, it could make the lesson or activity come alive. I can’t wait to try this with the children!  

I have minion/s with 2 eyes and minion/s with 1 eye.

In total, the minions I owned have 7 eyes.

How many minions do I owned?

(Hint: There can be more than one answer to this question. Good Luck!)


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