Day 2 (13 August 2013)

Concept: Whole Number

Today’s class is really interesting and have helped me in understanding the importance of being a knowledgeable and effective Mathematics educator. It was an eye opener to me that the ‘terms’ and the ‘questions’ that we have commonly used in class were inappropriate and it does not help children in learning Mathematics.

Example 1:

Can you solve this question?



Okay, so you must be thinking ‘What? Are you kidding me? Of course I DO KNOW the answer. I’m not a child, come on.’

But hang on! Did you think about this question –

Can we even add apples and oranges together?

When Dr. Yeap posted this question,  I’m like ‘hey, wait! I have come across such questions way too often and why didn’t I even wonder or realize that these questions don’t even make sense in the first place. And how could it be possible that we could even come out with solutions? ‘

Learning Point: In the above example given,  apple and orange are two different nouns. It is NOT possible to add two different nouns together.


Example 2:

Do we say:

(A) 7 is LESSER than 10




(B) 7 is LESS than 10


Answer: B


Learning Point: LESS and LESSER is not the same word. You cannot use them interchangeably.


Lesser -> is the comparing of quality

Less -> is the comparing of quantity



The use of a ten-frame helps children build mental images and seeing quantities as instantly recognizable without having to recount from one. Hence, it gives children the CPA experiences! How wonderful can that be.


“You cannot imagine well what you haven’t experience” Dr. Yeap


I have to admit that I would usually use manipulative such as cubes to teach children counting. However, having being introduced to ten-frame, I would like to try it with the children in my class. Comparing the use of unfix cubes to ten-frame, I think that though cubes may be helpful in early stages of counting but it does not provide an instantly recognizable and distinct picture of the wholeness of ten like how ten-frame could achieve.


TIPS: The best part to ten frame is that you can either get them commercially or you can make them. Easy peasy!





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