Day 1 (12 August 2013)

Day 1 reflection


Today marks the first class of Elementary Mathematics. I must say that today’s lesson was really an eye opener. Today, I came to experience myself the benefits of ‘productive struggle’. I am really glad that Dr. Yeap provided us time to work through (or struggle through) each activity within our group before providing the answer. The productive struggle indeed got us to be more motivated to tackle the problem. It was a really wonderful experiences for us to learn from one another. This learning is similar to Vygotsky’s theory of social constructivism where he states that children learn best in a group setting.


Dr. Yeap also brought in Bruner’s Theory of teaching using the following order:


1. Concrete


2. Pictorial


3. Abstract


Personally, I am a believer in teaching children with CPA approach. As an early childhood educator, I believe that children learn best through hands-on experiences hence, the need for use of concrete materials. In my classroom, children were given a variety of concrete materials (cubes, pencils, rubber bands etc) to explore with and to learn the different mathematics concept. Apart from using materials, I also get children to use their body parts to carry out their learning. It makes learning fun and interesting for the little ones especially when they are learning a new mathematical concept or idea.


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